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ATV / UTV License Plates
Wisconsin & Minnesota



Next Day Stamps & Engraving LLC, chooses the very best materials for ATV - UTV plates. The plates are constructed with heavy duty 3M engraveable plastic. Chosen for durability in lettering so nothing peels off in weather extremes. They will not be damaged when you power-wash your machine. They include UV protection from damaging rays of the sun-guaranteed never to fade. See the Wisconsin DNR & Minnesota DNR Rules when in question.

Due to the volume of plates we engrave, we have the best price for any ATV - UTV license plates in the industry. Priced around $15 for a finished plate + shipping to your door.


Wisconsin ATV - UTV license plates

include a durable texturized white face . Engraved depths are at .20 deep in the material for a crisp, clear, bold appearance. When you register your ATV - UTV license plate you will receive stickers. On the stickers there are 4 numbers to start and 2 letters to end ( ie: 7311 CY ) The "AT" or "UT" on your sticker is not used on the plate.

Minnesota ATV - UTV license plates

can be ordered in different complementary colors which allows you choices to choose what looks best for your machine. Minnesota license laws requires a contrasting color for highest visibility. You will love our vast color selection!  Always place your sticker to the top left on your plate.

Order conveniently now, by clicking the blue links above and design your plate in our "Create-A-Plate" system online. Submit order, and Next Day Stamps & Engraving will ship your finished plate today when ordered before 2 p.m. CST.

Do you know why you shouldn't use Metal ATV - UTV license plates?

Metal plates have been known to scratch, dent, ding and and some can peel in extreme weather conditions. Why pay more for a metal plate that can also FADE in the sun like auto plates.

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