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ATV / UTV License Plates
Wisconsin and Minnesota



Next Day Stamps & Engraving LLC, Uses special manufactured materials best for ATV - UTV plates. These plates are constructed with a heavy duty 3M engravable plastic or a power coated thick metal aluminum. These ATV / UTV license plates were created for durability and extreme weather. The numbers and letters are engraved deep into the textured heavy duty engraved plastic for a permanent lasting look. The ATV UTV plates will not be damaged during power washing of your machine. They ATV-UTV plates are UV protected from the damaging rays of the sun and guaranteed never to fade. The heavy duty Metal ATV/UTV plates use a  UV printed technology to "Bake" the graphic and numbers into the plate so you have no issues with stickers peeling back or off. Choose your DNR compliant plate at the bottom and have fun designing..  

WISCONSIN STANDARD or STATE ENGRAVED DNR ATV OR UTV LICENSE PLATES  - PLATE COLOR: White only, PLATE SIZE: 4" inches tall by 7 1/2" inches wide, Must display 4 numbers and 2 letters starting left to right,  The numbers and letters must at least be 1 1/2" tall in height and the thickness of the numbers and letters must at least be 3/16" thick.  The numbers and letters must be in English and in Block Style lettering, and in caps. The Wisconsin ATV or UTV License plate must be displayed 12" up from the ground or above on the back of your ATV or UTV.  Wisconsin ATV and UTV License plates must be maintained in clear and legible condition.The minimum 4 inch by 7 ½ inch area must be white and only contain the required registration ID characters. Wisconsin State engraved UTV and ATV Plates are larger (5" x 7.5") and the area outside the minimum area of (4" x 7.5") may contain additional graphics or colors.

MINNESOTA DNR MINIMUM ATV OR UTV LICENSE PLATE REQUIREMENTS - PLATE COLOR: a variety of contrasting colors, PLATE SIZE: 4" inches tall by 7 1/2" inches wide, The numbers and letters must at least be 1 1/2" tall in height and the thickness of the numbers and letters must at least be 3/16" thick. All numbers and letters must be in English and in Block Style lettering, in capitol letters. The Minnesota ATV or UTV License plate must be displayed 12" or above, mounted and secured to the back of your ATV or UTV. Minnesota registration sticker must be displayed to the top left area on your ATV or UTV License plate. Private USE or Agricultual registration Stickers must be displayed in the top right area on your ATV - UTV Minnesota License plate. License plates and decals must be maintained in a clear and legible condition.

Click here Wisconsin DNR or Minnesota DNR When the rules are in question.

Our reputation for having the Best Prices, Quality Products, and Quickest turn around times in the industry comes from years of experience in knowing the Wisconsin and Minnesota DNR laws in specifics when creating compliant Wisconsin and Minnesota ATV or UTV license plates.

Wisconsin ATV - UTV license plates - Wisconsin State Plate style

Please welcome the New Wisconsin State Engraved  ATV / UTV plate. This New Wisconsin State Engraved ATV / UTV Plate is created with a UV printed technology where the graphic is "baked" right to the plate. The numbers and letters are still engraved on the Wisconsin State plates for a permanent long lasting product. Size of ATV - UTV Wisconsin State Plates are 5" x 7.5".

Wisconsin Standard ATV - UTV license plates - White only style

The Wisconsin Standard ATV/UTV Plates are made of a durable texturized 3M plastic. Engraved letters and numbers give a crisp, clear, bold appearance. Before you create your ATV - UTV license plate you will receive from the Wisconsin DNR, registration stickers. These stickers consist of your registration number.  The registration number will only consist of 4 numbers and then 2 letters on your plate. (ie. 7311 CY)

Wisconsin Standard Metal ATV - UTV license plates - Aluminum style

The new Wisconsin Standard Metal ATV UTV license plate is the same as the standard Wisconsin plate but a UV printed technology for your letters and numbers on a thick aluminum powder coated heavy duty plate. This Wisconsin Standard Metal plate size is 7.5" by 4" and go great with our License Plate Mounting Kit.

Wisconsin Metal ATV - UTV license plates - Aluminum style

We now offer the Wisconsin ATV UTV state plate in metal material now!  We use the same UV protected ink on both the Engraved and the Metal Wisconsin and Minnesota state atv utv plates.  The new UV printed technology for the ATV and UTV license plates are protected from fading or dulling from the sun. The Minnesota and Wisconsin State ATV / UTV plates, plastic or metal are 5" x 7.5" in size.  Order by clicking the blue link above this paragraph which starts the create-a-plate software, its fun, its fast, and you can order more than one at the same time to save  money on shipping.

Minnesota ATV - UTV license plates - Minnesota State Plate style

The Minnesota State Engraved ATV / UTV license plate uses a new UV printed technology which is baked right into the plate which is durable, long lasting, and visually appealing.  The Minnesota State plates have UV printed graphics and engraved letters and numbers and NO vinyl stickers!  This plate has 2 processes for a creative 3D look.  The Minnesota State engraved  ATV - UTV license plate size is 5" x 7.5"

Minnesota Standard ATV - UTV license plates - Solid color style

Minnesota Standard plates can be ordered in many different complementary contrasting colors which allows you to choose what color looks best for your machine. Minnesota license laws requires contrasting colors for high visibility. You will love our vast color selection!  If there is a color that you do not see feel free to contact us and ask. Always place your class 1 or 2 registration sticker to the top left on your plate, In addition a Agricultural or "AG" DNR Sticker place to the top right of your Minnesota license plate. We always will leave room for your stickers so they do not cover your nice graphics.

Minnesota Metal ATV - UTV license plates - Aluminum style

 We are happy to introduce our new Metal ATV / UTV license plates to our family. These new plates will give you more options in choosing a ATV / UTV  License plate and give you the freedom of picking your personal preference between heavy duty engraved plastic or metal material for your Wisconsin or Minnesota UTV or ATV.  The new aluminum plates are thick and use a new UV printing technology.  The ink that is used in printing the ATV/UTV plates are UV protected and resistant from fading.

Order conveniently now, by clicking the blue links above which will lead you to the create-a-plate software, or click on one of the license plates below which leads you to click the "CUSTOMIZE" button for you to start designing your plate. The "Create-A-Plate" online system allows you to order one or multiple plates in just one order. Ordering Multiple plates in one simple order is handy for ATV or UTV Clubs and lowers shipping costs per plate.

Submit your order, and Next Day Stamps & Engraving will ship your finished plate today before 2 p.m. CST. All plates ordered on the weekends get created and shipped first thing Monday morning!

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